Panhandling promotes a “human connection,” say lobbyist leeches

Las Vegas, like a few other cities, has begun using old parking meters as donation stations for the homeless. Money collected goes toward bus fare home or document retrieval (like a birth certificate) necessary for work.  In other words, money is used to reduce the number of homeless.  Sounds good to me.  What’s the objection?

(Quote redacted due to infantile LVRJ policy on suing bloggers, 8/23/10.)

Damn straight it “dehumanizes.” That’s the point. Does anyone want to be approached by a panhandler? Donovan thinks if I don’t see a hard-luck face I won’t feel the urge to give. I’m more likely to give if I can put spare change in a convenient collection meter, especially medicine online without prescription when I know the money is properly administered. You see, sir, I somehow remember to give money to the downtrodden all on my own. And handing over a quarter from the car coin tray to someone begging on the street corner, while possibly an act of charity, is not a “humanizing” one.

And since when do the homeless need a Coalition? The permanent homeless remove themselves from society because they don’t like the strictures. Having no ties and being able to up and leave on a whim are hallmarks of the homeless. Yet someone has decided to organize a structured lobby for them. Interesting business. No homeless, Mr. Donovan, and you have no job.

Now, THAT’S dehumanizing.

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One Response to Panhandling promotes a “human connection,” say lobbyist leeches

  1. Proto Beast says:

    I guess someone has to empty them, so there won’t be so many Homeless Meter Maids!
    I told myself I’d start carrying change and dollar bills for pan-handlers ever since I took the doors off my Jeep. I though the increased exposure would get me to donate directly to them, but it hasn’t. I still avert their gaze and don’t give a dime.

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