Meet the Mad Monk

The anti-Rudd: no purse lipped prolix condescension here.

Now don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t vote for the loon while my bum pointed down but at least he’s interesting. cheap prescription drugs without prescription Half Jesuit, half crazed Millwall supporter, with a religious philosophy of “share in the love of Jesus or I’ll smash your f***en face in”. He’s the hoot we had to have.

And there you have one viewpoint from Down Under about Tony Abbott, new leader of the Liberal Party in Australia.  Labour, which is left-wing, holds power.  Liberal, meaning right-wing, is in opposition and the election of Abbott is causing a ruckus.

Here’s a test:  Would you vote for this man?

“Tony Abbott, a hard-line rightwinger, a social conservative who campaigns against abortion and who is adamant there’s no such thing as climate change, has won the leadership of the Opposition Liberal Party over moderate Malcolm Turnbull.”

Heck, yes!

As you can imagine, half of Australia is horrified to have such a paleo in a position of power.  He was in seminary!  (They call him the Mad Monk because of that.)  He’s friends with Cardinal Pell and is a faithful Catholic!  He called global warming “crap”!  He’s in a lifesaving swim club and had his picture taken while wearing Speedos!  (Only they call a Speedo the inscrutable term of “budgie-smuggler,” which does indeed offend me.  I’ll spare you the photo.)  Due to Abbott’s election, the death of the Liberal Party is widely anticipated.  With no notion whatsoever of Australian politics I predict Abbott will be Prime Minister within three years!

Both sides of the aisle agree that Australian politics just got very interesting.

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One Response to Meet the Mad Monk

  1. DIXIE BEAST says:

    Ya think he’d like to try for Pres. of the good ole U.S. of A???? I almost want to become an Australian citizen.

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