Why in the world did Vegas Republicans pick @kenwegner?

I’m mystified.

We had multiple candidates to choose from, some of them actually good. Yet we ended up with Kenneth Wegner again.

Google Ken Wegner and you’ll see the word “again” a lot. Wegner was our standard bearer for NV CD-1 in ’06 and ’08. In ’04 he was running against Harry Reid for Senate. This guy has lost more races than Adlai Stevenson.

Did he win because of name recognition? He’s been on the ballot enough times that Republican primary voters certainly could have said, “Hey, Wegner!  I’ve heard of him.”

The local GOP gave him no help (and apparently has never given him any help). Of course, they showed their incompetence in their selection of Michele Fiore, who ended up a distant second behind Wegner. This guy is a renegade who goes his own way. In the Year of the Tea Party, and considering Sharron Angle’s success, Wegner has the best chance he’s ever had, if only he would actually campaign.

His website is professionally constructed, but the content is baffling. His “top news article” is from 1997. The events calendar is blank. Press releases are one, and it is a grievance complaint. Does Wegner want to win?

New media is set up but not utilized. His twitter account has 4 followers and no tweets. His facebook page is a friends page, requiring permission to view, rather than a fan page which can be accessed by anyone. Twitter and facebook are free, easy ways to communicate a politician’s message. Sarah Palin is making a career out of it. The person who set up Wegner’s webpage can show him how to use his new media sites, if necessary, until he’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll on his own. No excuse exists for not using these tools.

An archived press article from 2006 was some of the most information I could discover about Wegner’s views:

Republican candidate Kenneth Wegner . . . is on a mission to secure U.S. borders by deploying forces to safeguard them, to make the United States energy independent and to implement a flat income tax to replace the current system of taxation that he believes benefits big business at the expense of the middle class.

Well, all right! Does he still believe and support these issues? Criminey, they’re more timely now than they were in ’06. Let’s see some cage-rattling.  Shelley Berkley, our current congresswoman, is a disaster on these issues. She voted for TARP, she voted for Obamacare. Unless we’re talking about support for Israel, Shelley is a reliable liberal through and through. Get out there and, in the immortal words of our President, kick some ass. Facebook and tweet her to death. “Oh, the radio show and Republican party snubbed me, waaaaaah.” Then do something about it.

Sir, I beg you. You’re a veteran; you know how to take the fight to someone. Campaign signs on the street are not enough. Ad buys on Rush are not enough. Show a heartbeat and we will flock to you. The mood of the country has finally caught up to your ideas. buying drugs online without prescription Vegas leans Dem and you are a heavy underdog, but this year, out of all the years you’ve run, you actually stand a chance.

Show Obama how it’s done.

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2 Responses to Why in the world did Vegas Republicans pick @kenwegner?

  1. LV Rep says:

    The answer to your headline’s question is already stated within the article. The reason Ken won the race is because Michelle Fiore siphoned off the winning votes that Craig Lake would have gotten. She never should have been in that race. End of story.

  2. Proto Beast says:

    I just became his 7th follower on Twitter. (But he still has no tweets)

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