“The Info Debris” requires you to responsibly sieve: I defend Twitter

As much as I admire columnist David Warren, I must disagree with this column.

I called up a Twitter search yesterday, on the word “tsunami.” My screen immediately filled with tweets logged “10 seconds ago,” with a few at the bottom logged “20 seconds ago.” Within a few more seconds, a message flashed: “44 more tweets since you started searching.” After reading the top 10, and observing that each was pointless, I returned to the BBC.


And this is the big truth here: that we are, collectively, descending through layer under layer of fatuity, or as it were, mining our way to Hell. Look around in street, office, and bus, at all the people plugged into small devices, “linked,” as if in some stupendous electronic chain gang. Rigidly held, by short spans of attention.

First of all, this kind of complaint — short attention span, youth plugged in — has become common for people of a certain age. Well, people of my age and older, I’m embarrassed to say. Because young people behave differently than we did at that age, we knee-jerk that they’re behaving badly. It’s the old “lock down Elvis’ hips” argument. Different is not inherently wrong, as I’m sure Warren would agree. However, this argument comes so easily to older people’s lips that I wish thoughtful commentators would reject it for its banality, at least.

Secondly, Warren (unknowingly) describes his own problem in the first paragraph. Bluntly said, he doesn’t know jack about using Twitter. Searching on a trending hashtag (“tsunami”) days, or even hours, after an event has occurred is asking for inanity and spam. Twitter is at its best within a half hour or less time frame for breaking news. You will literally not find information faster than via Twitter. Once the breaking news is over, though, you must look elsewhere for thoughtful commentary. You ask Twitter to be something it’s not if you look there for insight.

Also, as Warren’s first paragraph demonstrates, Twitter is information coming faster than you can consume it. Just looking at Twitter’s feed in this impersonal, unfiltered way will give you nothing useful. You must follow people. You must build a list of people from different businesses and perspectives so that the information you read is useful for you. Building a great Twitter follow list is a work of art. Humor, politics, news, sports — you personalize whom you follow. Then, when breaking news hits, you read your follow list for the updates but also the immediate commentary that means something to you. The Japanese astronauts, whom I follow, are prolific every day; however, since the quake they have been silent. Their tweeting absence tells me much about the state of emotions in Japan.

Quite possibly Warren is right about the state of “info debris” and our hellish relationship with it. Certainly the odds of him being right are better than the odds that I am. I object to the form of his argument, though. He demonstrates that he is ignorant about the subject. Let him educate himself and then comment. From my perspective, Twitter is a wonderful tool. Like all other technology, Twitter used wisely is an asset; Twitter used poorly is an offense.

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Putting “draconian” in perspective

Via The Weekly Standard blog.

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Get us out of the Stan

My glass is half empty today, folks. I present to you Andy McCarthy at NRO, who only speaks aloud what we’ve all been thinking for a while now. Afghanistan is a disaster and it’s time for us to come home. The fault lies nowhere near our military. It actually lies with George W. Bush (and every other naive believer in good, myself included).

When Iraq and Afghanistan were tasked to complete constitutions for their countries, they insisted on forming Islamic Republics based on sharia law. Oh, you all know this and so do I. We knew it at the time. In a way, though, we didn’t know it because we didn’t fully understand what sharia law meant. Over the years, unfortunately, we’ve received an education. In hindsight we understand we should have never, ever, agreed to such an evil monstrosity. We were ignorant and hopeful. We were trying to do the right thing.

Let Andy take over the post:

As Samuel Huntington explained, however, there are two senses of “civilization.” One assumes that all human beings, all cultures, are essentially the same and share the same concept of the higher form of life — that there is only one real civilization. The other holds that different cultures have very different ways of looking at the world — that there are several different civilizations, and what is an affront to one may be a convention to another.

The underlying premise of the democracy project is the former sense of “civilization.” As I argued at the time, the real world is the latter. And now, five years removed from the Abdul Rahman case, five more years of intensive, costly American entanglement with Afghanistan, Paul Marshall gives us the harrowing plight of Said Musa. When he told the Afghan court he was a Christian man, no Afghan defense lawyer would have anything to do with him — except the one who spat on him. [...] We think of this as an affront to civilization. They, on the other hand, think they have their own civilization, and that our civilization and Said Musa are affronts to it.

The affront here is our own betrayal of our own principles. The Islamic democracy project is not democratizing the Muslim world. It is degrading individual liberty by masquerading sharia, in its most draconian form, as democracy. The only worthy reason for dispatching our young men and women in uniform to Islamic countries is to destroy America’s enemies. Our armed forces are not agents of Islamic social justice, and stabilizing a sharia state so its children can learn to hate the West as much as their parents do is not a mission the American people would ever have endorsed. It is past time to end this failed experiment.

I stole a lot of text there. More exists at the site. Please pop over and read the whole thing so I don’t feel too guilty. However, when a writer clarifies an issue they way McCarthy has distilled this one, it’s best to present him in his own words.

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Why I believe Christie won’t run

He’s said it until he’s blue in the face. Chris Christie doesn’t want to run for president in 2012. Here was his latest disclaimer:

“I’m not stupid. I see the opportunity. I see it. That’s not the reason to run,” Christie said, adding that a candidate must truly believe that he’s ready to be president, and “I don’t believe that about myself right now.”

We all look at how he handles himself in New Jersey and think he’s ready for anything. However, click through here and watch the embedded video. It’s a moving town hall where Christie helps a woman whose son is dyslexic. His breadth of knowledge about the minutiae of his state is astonishing. I would argue that his knowledge is what gives him the confidence to be bold. No one is going to catch this guy flat-footed. We’ve seen it in marvelous video after video.

If his knowledge is the secret to his power, then I understand when he says he’s not ready to be president. Imagine if he knew the U.S. government to the extent he knows his state. Whoa. And, I believe, if he did run for president in 2012 and we elected him (which we probably would), and then he showed an ineptitude, we would never forgive him.

We need a great candidate in 2012. I think Christie could eat Obama for breakfast on the stump. But we also need a great president in 2012. When Christie says he is not (yet) that man, I trust his judgment.

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Spammed again

Well, folks, the evil penis promoters got us again. Technical fixes on the way . . . Don’t click through on anything with “prescription” in the link, in the meantime.

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I’ll give you one good reason to vote for Rick Santorum

…Because this kind of vote-tampering is despicable.

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Five Men really do rule the world: the interesting case of Pimco

And I mean this in the most complimentary sense!

The Five Men have been the stuff of fiction for a long time. I seem to recall the fictional account of the Kennedy family, the tawdry and trashy novel Captains and the Kings, premising this theory (Joe Kennedy being one of The Men). The Michael Douglas movie The Star Chamber (which appears slated for a remake) also delves along these lines. It had all struck me as inordinately silly.

Until now. (Cue thriller music.)

Please o’erglance this article about Pimco, the world’s largest bond investor. Both Part 1 and 2 are fascinating. I can hardly pluck a quote out of context, because the whole content is so . . . instructional. Here’s a poor man’s sample:

SPIEGEL: One could also say, more bluntly, that you have the ability to direct markets in a fashion that is beneficial for you.

El-Erian: Our primary obligation is to protect and enhance the investment and retirement assets for people from around the world. And we have safeguarded our clients’ investments through a variety of economic and market cycles, including the global financial crisis.

What I deduce (and I look forward to hearing if you gleaned the same) is that no socialist oaf who may happen to be elected president of a certain country can destroy its economy too far because these dudes at Pimco will not let him. Money is money; investment is investment. The rules do not bend for charisma or pigmentary affirmative action. Financial returns must be guaranteed. I found the whole presentation quite cheerful.

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Strangle the PC windmakers

Surely, a subject upon which principled conservatives can agree is that we must destroy “political correctness” in all its forms. Fascism of the mind and the tongue, PC is used by the Left as a bludgeon, in order to render discussion on certain topics (especially their little darlings, “fairness,” “tolerance,” and “diversity”) off limits.

So says Michael Walsh as part of his discussion of Maj. Hasan, the unacknowledged jihadist who attacked Ft. Hood. This topic, PC fascism, may be the root of all our disagreements in this country. In “fairness” to women we must pretend babies aren’t murdered during abortion. In “tolerance” of religion we must pretend that the Koran doesn’t direct faithful Muslims to kill the rest of us. Complaints against Obama must be the product or racism, rather than political differences, because “diversity” commands we pretend that pigment has some bearing on a person’s character. If we could finally speak the truth, instead of bowing to the PC golden calf, we might make progress in this country.

But, hey, we could have it worse: we could live in Europe where Geert Wilders is on trial for speaking the truth.

The lights are going out all over Europe. Anyone who thinks or speaks individually is at risk. Freedom loving citizens who criticize islam, or even merely suggest that there is a relationship between islam and crime buy prescription drugs online without prescription or honour killing, must suffer and are threatened or criminalized. Those who speak the truth are in danger.

We aren’t there . . . yet . . . and the time to redirect our course is now.

So far the tactic of conservatives is to point out the hypocrisy (tolerance only applies for certain liberally-loved groups) inherent in PC. See the latest mini-outrage:

Last summer, the NAACP passed a resolution that charged the Tea Party movement with racism, despite a lack of evidence to support this claim.

Ironically, the civil rights organization appears to be much more tolerant of well-documented racism at left-wing rallies. At a Common Cause–sponsored anti-Koch demonstration last week, protesters were caught on camera calling for Justice Clarence Thomas to be “sent back to the fields” and lynched. And yet, the Daily Caller is reporting, the NAACP has refused to address these comments

Reports like this happen every day. These teapot tempests will continue on forever if all conservatives can do is point at PC-fueled hypocrisy and yell, “See?” For crying out loud, quit giving these people an ounce of wind. Like Walsh recommends, agree to invalidate their entire argument. They are granted legitimacy when we move to refute. Tell the truth, ignore the PC-blusterers, and walk confidently forward. We won’t take our country back until the PC is dead.

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The Beast is dead, long live The Beast?

As you may have noticed, The Filthy Beast was hacked. Every post was infiltrated with an ad placement link.  The Beast, as we’ve known it, can be no more.  (Going into each post and cleaning it up is untenable.)  The fate of The Beast is unknown at this time; however, like a king, there may be another life for buying pills online The Beast.  Stay tuned . . .

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Hauser’s Law means you get 19% no matter what

From 1930 to 2010, tax-revenue collection in the United States has never topped 20.9 percent, averaging 16.5 percent of GDP over 80 years. This despite the drastic historical fluctuation in tax rates on the wealthiest Americans.

This is called Hauser’s Law, after Standford University professor Kurt Hauser.

Chart originally seen here.

Hauser’s article in the WSJ laying out his plan here.  A lot of interesting economic info in the Hauser piece, including arguments for why conservatives are correct regarding the Bush tax cuts and the Obama administration is (surprise!) prescription pills online wrong.

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If scientists are mountains, Newton is Everest

I’ve come across a long, fascinating  article about Muslim contributions (or lack thereof) to scientific discovery. The author is no “apologist for Islam,” but he wants to grant credit where it’s due. The top Muslim scientist, working in the late 900′s A.D., developed a “substantially correct model of vision.” Optics is not what I would have guessed as the greatest Muslim scientific achievement, which makes the article all the more interesting.

After the scientific achievement is given, the article proceeds to the scientific failure: The optician was the start and the end of the line for Muslim innovation in optics.

Western Europeans by the late 1200s AD employed glass lenses to create the first indisputable eyeglasses for the correction of eyesight. The knowledge of how to combine fine glass lenses was extended around the year 1600 to create the earliest known microscopes and telescopes. Observations in telescopic astronomy were then used to make the first reasonably accurate measurements of the speed of light, which was shown to be very great, but finite.

I encourage you to read the entire article, which also delves into Eastern Asian achievement in science and art. We in the West know that Islam has crushed scientific and artistic curiosity, but having the facts at hand makes for a more convincing argument. I am happy to respect early Muslim achievement in science: the examples are so few that my pity is engaged. The entire picture is satisfying (because Western practices are thoroughly vindicated) but also horrifying (because the Islamic totalitarian mentality appears to be ascending today). To cut to the chase, this is the summation of the article:

Advances made during the Middle Ages in the Islamic-ruled world were relatively modest even at the best of times and declined to almost nothing thereafter. Those contributions that did exist were made primarily by non-Arabs, and often by unorthodox Muslims who were harassed for their freethinking ways. Their scholarly contributions were primarily based on ancient Greek or other non-Islamic works and rarely moved much beyond these conceptually. They were made predominantly during the early centuries of Islamic rule, while large non-Muslim communities still existed in these countries, and normally diet pills online in centers of urban culture that predated Islam by thousands of years. The Arabian Peninsula, the cradle of Islam, has contributed next to nothing of value to human civilization throughout Islamic history. Persians, who retained a few links with their pre-Islamic heritage after the conquests, produced some decent scholars, whereas Turks, who identified almost entirely with Islam after their conversion, produced practically none of any significance. If we combine these various factors, a very clear picture emerges: The rather modest – now often exaggerated – contributions made by certain Middle Eastern scholars during the Middle Ages were generally made in spite of Islam, not because of it.

Again, for the complete picture please click through to the entire article.

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One year anniversary on the nine year anniversary

Why did this blog begin on this day one year ago?  I don’t remember.  The post didn’t relate to a memorial of 9/11, and I believe the date is pure coincidence.  Or divine intervention.  I’m proud to claim the date as an anniversary, no matter how I got here, and I’m honored to work with the rest of the Beasts on this continuing project.

O God of love, compassion, and healing,
look on us, people of many different faiths
and traditions,
who gather today at this site,
the scene of incredible violence and pain.

We ask you in your goodness
to give eternal light and peace
to all who died here —
the heroic first-responders:
our fire fighters, police officers,
emergency service workers, and
Port Authority personnel,
along with all the innocent men and women
who were victims of this tragedy
simply because their work or service
brought them here on September 11, 2001.

We ask you, in your compassion
to bring healing to those
who, because of their presence here that day,
suffer from injuries and illness.
Heal, too, the pain of still-grieving families
and all who lost loved ones in this tragedy.
Give them strength to continue their lives
with courage and hope.

We are mindful as well
of those who suffered death, injury, and loss
on the same day at the Pentagon and in
Shanksville, phentermine without prescription Pennsylvania.
Our hearts are one with theirs
as our prayer embraces their pain and suffering.

From Pope Benedict’s prayer at Ground Zero, 2008.

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Why in the world did Vegas Republicans pick @kenwegner?

I’m mystified.

We had multiple candidates to choose from, some of them actually good. Yet we ended up with Kenneth Wegner again.

Google Ken Wegner and you’ll see the word “again” a lot. Wegner was our standard bearer for NV CD-1 in ’06 and ’08. In ’04 he was running against Harry Reid for Senate. This guy has lost more races than Adlai Stevenson.

Did he win because of name recognition? He’s been on the ballot enough times that Republican primary voters certainly could have said, “Hey, Wegner!  I’ve heard of him.”

The local GOP gave him no help (and apparently has never given him any help). Of course, they showed their incompetence in their selection of Michele Fiore, who ended up a distant second behind Wegner. This guy is a renegade who goes his own way. In the Year of the Tea Party, and considering Sharron Angle’s success, Wegner has the best chance he’s ever had, if only he would actually campaign.

His website is professionally constructed, but the content is baffling. His “top news article” is from 1997. The events calendar is blank. Press releases are one, and it is a grievance complaint. Does Wegner want to win?

New media is set up but not utilized. His twitter account has 4 followers and no tweets. His facebook page is a friends page, requiring permission to view, rather than a fan page which can be accessed by anyone. Twitter and facebook are free, easy ways to communicate a politician’s message. Sarah Palin is making a career out of it. The person who set up Wegner’s webpage can show him how to use his new media sites, if necessary, until he’s ready to rock ‘n’ roll on his own. No excuse exists for not using these tools.

An archived press article from 2006 was some of the most information I could discover about Wegner’s views:

Republican candidate Kenneth Wegner . . . is on a mission to secure U.S. borders by deploying forces to safeguard them, to make the United States energy independent and to implement a flat income tax to replace the current system of taxation that he believes benefits big business at the expense of the middle class.

Well, all right! Does he still believe and support these issues? Criminey, they’re more timely now than they were in ’06. Let’s see some cage-rattling.  Shelley Berkley, our current congresswoman, is a disaster on these issues. She voted for TARP, she voted for Obamacare. Unless we’re talking about support for Israel, Shelley is a reliable liberal through and through. Get out there and, in the immortal words of our President, kick some ass. Facebook and tweet her to death. “Oh, the radio show and Republican party snubbed me, waaaaaah.” Then do something about it.

Sir, I beg you. You’re a veteran; you know how to take the fight to someone. Campaign signs on the street are not enough. Ad buys on Rush are not enough. Show a heartbeat and we will flock to you. The mood of the country has finally caught up to your ideas. buying drugs online without prescription Vegas leans Dem and you are a heavy underdog, but this year, out of all the years you’ve run, you actually stand a chance.

Show Obama how it’s done.

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How many sins did the Madonna of Nagasaki absorb?

Archbishop Dolan on Our Lady of Nagasaki:

meds online without prescription href=”http://clericalwhispers.blogspot.com/2009/10/nagasakis-bombed-mary-to-visit-guernica.html”>

Haunting … that’s the only word I can find to describe it …

I’ve knelt before many images of the Mother of Jesus before: our Mother of Perpetual Help, the Pieta, the Virgin of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Lourdes, just to name a few.

But I’ve never experienced the dread and revulsion I did when the archbishop showed us the head of Our Lady of Nagasaki …

For more on the history of the statue, including the testament of the Japanese soldier who found the head in the post-atomic rubble, see here.

While contemplating Our Lady and her messages to us, consider the Pope’s comments today, onboard the airplane to Fatima. When we feel overwhelmed by the fallen world’s suffering, most dreadfully represented by the Madonna of Nagasaki, remember what the Pope today called the message of Fatima’s “fundamental response”:

[P]ermanent conversion, penance, prayer, and the three cardinal virtues: faith, hope and charity . . . The Madonna for us is the visible maternal guarantee that the will of God is always the last word in history.

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Panhandling promotes a “human connection,” say lobbyist leeches

Las Vegas, like a few other cities, has begun using old parking meters as donation stations for the homeless. Money collected goes toward bus fare home or document retrieval (like a birth certificate) necessary for work.  In other words, money is used to reduce the number of homeless.  Sounds good to me.  What’s the objection?

(Quote redacted due to infantile LVRJ policy on suing bloggers, 8/23/10.)

Damn straight it “dehumanizes.” That’s the point. Does anyone want to be approached by a panhandler? Donovan thinks if I don’t see a hard-luck face I won’t feel the urge to give. I’m more likely to give if I can put spare change in a convenient collection meter, especially medicine online without prescription when I know the money is properly administered. You see, sir, I somehow remember to give money to the downtrodden all on my own. And handing over a quarter from the car coin tray to someone begging on the street corner, while possibly an act of charity, is not a “humanizing” one.

And since when do the homeless need a Coalition? The permanent homeless remove themselves from society because they don’t like the strictures. Having no ties and being able to up and leave on a whim are hallmarks of the homeless. Yet someone has decided to organize a structured lobby for them. Interesting business. No homeless, Mr. Donovan, and you have no job.

Now, THAT’S dehumanizing.

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No Shirt, No Face, No Service: ban the veil

Last month, in a speech from the Elysée Palace, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced his intention to enact a ban on the full Muslim veil.”

Americans, hearing this news, are split between those who find the ban an abominable infringement on religious freedoms and those who say it could never work here (due to the First Amendment), but France is constitutionally weird and so Sarkozy can try to enact the ban there even though the court will most likely strike it down.

However, can a justifiable argument be made for the veil ban?

Given the importance that the French Constitution attaches to liberty and the seriousness of the threat to peace and public order posed by the large, restive and nonassimilating portion of its Muslim population, the veil represents a legitimate concern. Banning it would be justified to the extent that Muslim communities in France use the veil to deprive girls of basic educational opportunities and to prevent women from fulfilling their obligations as citizens, or that terrorists create a security threat by disguising themselves in the veil.

Security from terrorism, if we can bypass our PC-ness and admit that Muslims pose a threat, is a legitimate defense for the ban. Little buy meds online without prescription girls denied their educational rights MIGHT be enough of an excuse. With a court in New Hampshire deciding that a Christian homeschooled girl had to attend public school in order to be exposed to alternate (i.e., non-conservative) viewpoints, the possibility does exist that the court system would interfere in a Muslim parent’s decisions. Doubtful, though. Christianity is the Liberal’s nemesis. Islam, with its deadly treatment of women and homosexuals, sets off no Liberal alarm bells whatsoever.

Mr. Sarkozy himself has recognized that the common French understanding of the relation between political freedom and religion can be difficult to distinguish from anti-clericalism. To correct it, he has argued for an appreciation of the historical contribution that religious faith has made to forming France, the role of faith in the moral life, and the space that freedom of speech carves out for public religious expression.

So it was noteworthy that the French president sought to outlaw the full veil partly because it ‘runs counter to women’s dignity.’ What from another politician may have merely expressed political opportunism or bigotry or contempt for faith looks in Mr. Sarkozy’s case to be a bold attempt to balance the claims of freedom and order.

In a free society, prohibiting the veil because it symbolizes or enacts the oppression of women is a more perilous step than seeking to ban it on educational or national security grounds.

Even though Sarkozy has room to run with enacting a ban for security and/or educational reasons, he will try for the more difficult defense of “women’s dignity.” How about that! Sarkozy turns out to be L’Homme! I hope he can succeed.

After wrangling with many ideas for how we could ban the veil in America, I must conclude that concern for Freedom of Religion would preclude any ban. I reluctantly agree with First Amendment-ers who worry about the slippery slope. However, women covering their faces is an offense in a free society and cannot be allowed. Sarkozy is right: human dignity has standing in this argument. A great lawyer may even find a Supreme Court-level defensible position for this argument.

Absent a successful court case, I propose that private businesses (No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service) ban the veil. They can reserve the right to refuse service to any customer. That Philly cheesesteak guy won’t serve anyone who doesn’t speak English, right?  Well, if you’re wearing the veil, take your business elsewhere. We want to see your mouth. We want the honor of communicating with another human being, expressions and all. Cover your hair; wear a full-length, shapeless gown; no problem. Your face is non-negotiable.

If human dignity is not a good enough argument, though, how about this:

A young Muslim woman had died after her burkha became snagged in a go-kart.

The 24-year-old woman, who has not yet been named, died a terrifying death today when a fluttering part of her burkha became caught in the wheels of a go-kart she was driving near the town of Port Stephens, north of Sydney.

The Muslim clothing the woman was wearing flew back as she sped around the track and part of it became entangled in the go-kart’s wheels.

She was strangled in a second and crashed the vehicle.

What business, or right-thinking person, would want to contribute in any way to this horrible tragedy? A woman walking through life with a missing face is a metaphorical tragedy. Ban the veil.

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Once again your narrator will dip her toe into matters far beyond her intellectual depth. Surprised that a post titled “Fluff” would contain any profundities?

[Folks, I removed the picture because its size was slowing the site. Go here to see it.]

The blue ball in the above illustration is our solar system. The gray-blue egg, the “heliosheath,” is the sun’s magnetic field, inflated by solar wind to a bubble more than 10 billion km wide. This heliosphere protects our solar system from galactic cosmic rays and interstellar clouds.

How do we know all this? Look at Voyager 1, which entered the heliosheath in December 2004, and Voyager 2, which flew out of the solar system in August 2007. Dang, humans are amazing, aren’t they?

And, if I understand correctly, the orange matter in the picture is a highly magnetized interstellar cloud that scientists literally call “Local Fluff.” The helioshpere and the Fluff push against each other like a cosmic isometric exercise. Our solar system is currently traveling through the Fluff (yes, we move!) and will, hundreds of thousands of years from now, pass through the Fluff and prescription drugs without a prescription on into some other interstellar cloud inhabiting the Milky Way galaxy. I understate when I say I marvel at the wonders of creation.

Someone smarter than I can also look at this new information describing a space ribbon that’s actually a reflection. The space ribbon, as I understand it, is corroborative data about solar wind and the magnetic field of the heliosphere. We literally live in a protective bubble. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The Ditherer in Chief is still hanging NASA and her budget out to dry, but I say let’s get out there!  Let’s take a better look at this Fluff!

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Meet the Mad Monk

The anti-Rudd: no purse lipped prolix condescension here.

Now don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t vote for the loon while my bum pointed down but at least he’s interesting. cheap prescription drugs without prescription Half Jesuit, half crazed Millwall supporter, with a religious philosophy of “share in the love of Jesus or I’ll smash your f***en face in”. He’s the hoot we had to have.

And there you have one viewpoint from Down Under about Tony Abbott, new leader of the Liberal Party in Australia.  Labour, which is left-wing, holds power.  Liberal, meaning right-wing, is in opposition and the election of Abbott is causing a ruckus.

Here’s a test:  Would you vote for this man?

“Tony Abbott, a hard-line rightwinger, a social conservative who campaigns against abortion and who is adamant there’s no such thing as climate change, has won the leadership of the Opposition Liberal Party over moderate Malcolm Turnbull.”

Heck, yes!

As you can imagine, half of Australia is horrified to have such a paleo in a position of power.  He was in seminary!  (They call him the Mad Monk because of that.)  He’s friends with Cardinal Pell and is a faithful Catholic!  He called global warming “crap”!  He’s in a lifesaving swim club and had his picture taken while wearing Speedos!  (Only they call a Speedo the inscrutable term of “budgie-smuggler,” which does indeed offend me.  I’ll spare you the photo.)  Due to Abbott’s election, the death of the Liberal Party is widely anticipated.  With no notion whatsoever of Australian politics I predict Abbott will be Prime Minister within three years!

Both sides of the aisle agree that Australian politics just got very interesting.

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Reid’s “witch hunt” backfires

Harry Reid was busy running for reelection, and defeating his toughest opponent, way back in ’08.

Nevada Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki, Republican, was considered the leading contender to run against Reid in 2010 for U.S. Senate until, in December 2008, he was indicted and charged “with two felony counts of misappropriation and falsification of accounts by a public officer, and two felony counts of misappropriation by a treasurer.” As State Treasurer Krolicki was audited in 2007 on a $3 billion dollar, state-run college savings program. No state funds were reported missing, but Krolicki was accused of ignoring state rules in spending and bypassing budgeting rules.

Many local Republicans found the timing of the indictment exceedingly convenient. Stop Krolicki in his tracks and blacken his name before he could even throw his hat in the ring.

Earlier this week Reid’s plans were thwarted when the Judge in Clark County District Court dismissed all charges. Not only is Krolicki free and clear, but the hopes of “Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto [who] has long been viewed as a rising star in the Nevada Democratic Party” are deeply damaged by her prosecution of a frivolous case.  Reid’s hex bounced off the Republican and splatted right in the face of the Democrat.

Not only is Krolicki solidly running for reelection as Lt. Gov. but his senatorial ambitions may still be alive:  Krolicki “did not rule out a potential run for U.S. Senate against Sen. Harry Reid.”  Does he really mean that, or is he just looking to rub salt in Reid’s wounds?  Lowden and Tarkanian already beat Reid in Nevada polling.  If Krolicki’s name starts turning up in the polling Nevada Republicans begin to show a deep bench.

For the record, here’s Krolicki’s side of the charge that he misused state funds:

“The Krolicki investigation arose from a 2007 legislative audit into the Nevada College Savings Program, which was overseen by then-Treasurer Krolicki and his former Chief of Staff Kathy Besser. The audit found that $6 million cheap diet pills online earned through the program was not deposited in the state treasury. Instead, the money was used for legal costs and to market the state’s college savings program.”

“Krolicki’s attorneys said the state attorney general’s office advised him and his staff on managing the fund.”

Some of the marketing budget was for advertising that prominently featured Krolicki.

“Krolicki called the prosecution ‘an absurd gross waste of resources and energy and precious taxpayer dollars.’

“He pointed to countless government marketing programs that feature elected officials.

“Krolicki defended his management of the college savings program. ‘We did an exceedingly fine job with these programs. We created three of the top 10 programs in the country. We were helping people go to college … and balanced it to the penny.’”

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What’s Rare?

How does this make you feel?

“84 percent of the $1.05 billion in “green” stimulus funding distributed by the Obama administration since September has gone to foreign companies.”

As if the stimulus wasn’t monstrosity enough, and if “profitable” green technology isn’t an Al Gore-sized farce, now we see that the money is directly (as opposed to indirectly) stimulating China.  Ho hum.  We’re hardly shocked anymore by the irrational hole this administration continues to dig.

But wait.  Hiding behind all this reckless schadenfreude is an educational opportunity.

Ever heard of Rare Earths?  Me, neither.  These metals are quite important in our technological age.  Without them we would have no computers, cell phones, rechargeable batteries or . . . wind turbines.  Rare Earths are key to everyday life and to green technology.  Guess which country has cornered the market on Rare Earths?  Yup, China.  The U.S. has plenty but, like with our oil, harvesting is restricted.  One company with foresight, U.S. Rare Earths, is on the case, acquiring and maintaining rights to property in anticipation of an expanding market.  Wish these guys well.  China has an absolute monopoly at this point.

Maybe online drugs without prescription something good can come out of the eco-boondoggle of the stimulus and the proposed cap’n trade bill.  Let Americans become aware of Rare Earths and how much this country needs to develop our own supply, and then let’s get busy.

H/T The Enterprise Blog

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Floating an idea

Today’s lesson, children, is on invasive aquatic species.  Go ahead and lay your heads on your desks while I explain this.

Look, this topic keeps popping up in the news.  I have no choice but to discuss it.

Our very own Lake Mead suffers from a quagga mussel invasion.  Quaggas are indigenous to the Ukraine, of all places.  They’re ugly little clammy things, brought into the lake by recreational boat propellers, but otherwise who cares?

Quagga mussels “clog pipes and other aquatic infrastructure, can damage boats and can completely transform freshwater ecosystems by removing nutrients that would otherwise support other life.”

Intake pipes pills online for the Las Vegas water system are in danger; recreational boating and fishing are in danger (as well as the economic benefits therein) and, if you care about such things, the native purity of Lake Mead is in danger.

Good news, though:

“The redear sunfish is undaunted by the quagga’s razor-sharp and rock hard shell. Its most common nickname in its native southeastern U.S. is ‘the shellcracker,’ after all.

“The redear are equipped with a set of movable plates in their throats that make it easy for them to devour clams. In lab experiments, redear sunfish have eaten nothing but quagga mussels for months and were no worse for wear.”

Just make sure the redear sunfish solution isn’t worse than the problem and you’re good to go.

More good news from up at Lake Tahoe where they’re fighting an invasion of Asian clams, forerunner and helper to the quagga:

Scientists “put six 10 by 10 foot sheets of rubber on Asian clam population. For the next two months they tracked how many clams died.

“After 28 days at peak summer temperatures, 100 percent of the clams were dead.”

Human ingenuity kicks nature’s butt.  One more, children, from Vacationland:

In the gentle Lakes Region of Maine the invader is the milfoil plant and the solution is so simple a child could have thought of it.

“Typically, two divers went in the water, at depths up to 20 feet, to pull milfoil up by its roots and feed the plant into a 4-inch-wide hose. On top of the boat, where that hose drained into onion bags, two crew members watched for other boats and stayed in touch with the divers.”

Hand-weeding and vacuuming.  Don’t you love it?  Humans, through boating, introduced these problems into our lakes and now humans, once realizing the danger, are finding solutions.  No one suggested banning boats on the lakes.  If only the carbon-fearing environmental crowd could learn from these examples.  Don’t cripple the economy; use ingenuity and fight back.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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Placido Domingo

EWTN runs a weekly show entitled The World Over.  It is hosted by Raymond Arroyo, a very talented emcee/host.  He conducted a fascinating interview of Placido Domingo, the noted classical tenor, probably most notable for the non-operatic audience by his participation with The Three Tenors, comprised of Carreras, Pavarotti, and Domingo in their memorable concerts.

Placido started his career at age 16, a handsome young Latino and now he is going strong after 52 years, 52 years that have lined his face, fleshed out the trim lines, imprinted the character of the aged warrior, topped with a graying mane.  Time takes its toll with the body, but has not diminished the magnificent voice that still entrances his audiences.

Even at age 68 prescription drugs online without prescription his daily schedule is backbreaking.  He is the director of two opera companies: the Washington DC opera and the Los Angeles opera companies.  He still performs live in onstage operas and concerts.  Now, he and his son Placido, Jr. have produced an album of musical pieces inspired by the poetry of the late Pope John Paul II.  The album is titled Amore Infinito (Everlasting Love) and filled with the love poems created by Karol Woytila, who was a prolific composer and writer.  The Domingos’ spent a couple of years researching and translating from the original Polish.  Just from a couple of short clips one can feel the soaring spirit created by the future church leader.
As an exclamation point to the interview EWTN featured a film clip from the Papal Mass in Washington DC at the Nationals stadium.  Placido filled the arena with the enchanting centuries old hymn composed by Thomas Aquinas, Panis Angelicus, a prayer cherished by Catholics down through the ages and still evoking a magical spirit of prayer and worship of the Eucharist.
Thank you, Placido Domingo, and continued good health.

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Senator Ensign fiddles while HSAs burn

Ensign will offer 30 tweaks to health care bill

Critics say he’s out to attract attention, not improve legislation

The LV Sun reports on our wayward Senator’s attempts to influence his fellow members on the Finance Committee.  I know it’s the Liberal Version Sun, but I’m with them.  “Tweaks” is the verb.  Check out the article for Ensign’s list of “must-do” amendments he is proposing.  Bah — I can’t even read over them again.

Senator Ensign, you’re in trouble when I, your base constituent, agree with this liberal quoted in the article:

“Jim Kessler, vice president of policy at the centrist Third Way think tank, said with these amendments, Ensign is ‘trying to create a nuisance. He’s not trying to legislate. He’s trying to be difficult. The truth is, if these passed, he still wouldn’t support the bill,’ he said.”

Of course Ensign is not going to support this bill.  He’s still a Republican, regardless of personal scandal, and a pretty solid conservative.  So, Senator soma online without prescription Ensign, quit dinking around in the weeds.  Rockefeller has an amendment to ELIMINATE Health Savings Accounts, for crying out loud.  Be a real senator and fight back!

Look at the comments under this article.  You’ve lost the respect of many Nevadans; this dog and pony show will not win us back.

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. . . and Rory Reid is Calvera

Sandoval, former U.S. district judge, to run for governor


Brian Sandoval

(Quote redacted due to infantile  LVRJ policy on suing bloggers, 8/23/10.)

Like gunslingers in The Magnificent Seven, candidates for the Republican primary in the 2010 Governor’s race gradually add themselves to the posse.  Now they are four.

Each gunslinger in the movie comes with his own history and brings a different strength to the fight.  Is Judge Sandoval most like Chris, the cheap pills leader, played by Yul Brynner?  Britt, the cool-headed knife fighter, played by James Coburn?  Or maybe, with that hair, he’s most like Bernardo, played by Charles Bronson.

One thing is certain.  No matter how glorious it is to watch Eli Wallach as bad guy Calvera, his eventual defeat is only a matter of time.

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Harry Reid downgraded

buy prescription drugs online without a prescription class=”alignleft” src=”http://filthybeast.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/raceratings-nv.gif” alt=”" />

NV SENATE: Baseline Analysis

September 10, 2009

Senior Editor Jennifer Duffy analyzes Majority Leader Harry Reid’s bid for a fifth term and finds that anemic poll numbers for the incumbent and a deteriorating political environment for Democrats nationally combine to make Reid one of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents seeking re-election in 2010. And, that’s without knowing who Republicans will nominate to challenge him.

via The Cook Political Report | The insider’s choice for election analysis.

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